Event management with a difference

Successful event planning – and by successful we mean achieving attendance by the right people – typically involves a great deal of hard work.

Postal mailings need to be arranged in advance and telesales activity scheduled for following this up to ensure a decent attendance. All of this can take up significant time and resources that are best used elsewhere.

However, the burden and expense can be reduced with a multi-touch email event marketing process. Using targeted mailing and clear messaging you can vastly improve attendance rates at a greatly improved cost.


The Industry approach to events

We start with recruitment – by applying proven email marketing techniques to engage with prospects, we can target and reach specific people in the right organisations.

Our unique 1-2-1 email style achieves significantly higher than average response rates, ensuring turnouts to all types of event. The initial email will be crafted to suit the audience, so whether you want to approach existing clients or brand new prospects, everyone will receive an engaging, personalised email.

We follow this up with further phases of email activity to nurture prospects, which reinforce the message of the initial email and generate further interest for the event.

After the event is complete, Industry can retarget those who are unable to attend, and refresh the messaging to an entire database with exciting new information and assets from the event.

Complete event organisation

As well as our uniquely effective event recruitment, Industry’s input can extend beyond simply getting people to attend.

A key aspect of a great event is creating and developing a theme – this starts with the initial emails and carries on through display banners, name badges, venue branding and a host of other collateral, all of which we can design and produce for a cohesive and impactful event.

We also have a wide network of venues and can advise and arrange venue hire, working with trusted suppliers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to schedule, every time.


Develop your sales pipepline post-event

Hosting a successful event isn’t the end the process, however. The interest generated, even from those who couldn’t attend, along with content of presentations and news from the day can be leveraged to develop further business opportunities.

As well as ensuring a great turnout, we can even help create a sales pipeline for teams to follow up after the event, including via email or our unique lead nurturing techniques.

By using the event agenda and the buzz around it, post-event follow-up campaigns offer the chance to cultivate new leads and ensure the optimal return on investment for your event marketing spend.


Find out more about how we can make business events really work for you by calling us on 01635 884 808 or download the Events guide here.

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