Our strategy makes cold-calling a thing of the past

With over 20 years’ experience of working with leading brands like Vodafone, IBM, Dun and Bradstreet, Iron Mountain, CA, Tesco and M&S, Industry are a leading authority on lead generation and appointment setting.

Our unique approach consistently produces results far in excess of the norm.

We’ll show you how to integrate the top B2B channels to help create a comprehensive marketing strategy.


From lead generation to appointment setting and reporting

Every campaign is different and needs a tailored approach, so our copywriters draw on their years of industry experience in research and creative writing to build a more personalised campaign that will appeal to prospects who might not ordinarily respond.

Whether it’s in the way we write our email copy, the fulfilment pieces we create for campaigns, or how we manage the positive responses to our emails, our proven method delivers results way above the industry standard.

The Industry method

  • Based on the parties targeted in your data brief, we’ll write tailored email copy inviting the recipient to request further information – usually in the form of an asset based on your proposition
  • We’ll also create the asset detailing your proposition in the most appealing terms, unless you have a ready-made document that you’d like us to use. Naturally, no content goes out to prospects until you have given it your approval
  • Once it’s live, the email generates warm leads from those requesting further information, or even direct contact
  • Industry responds to the replies on a personal basis by email and lets the prospect know that you’ll be in touch with them in the near future
  • Whether you want us to cover the telephony side of your campaign, or have your own team make the calls, the prospects will be expecting a call!

Communication is key to keeping our relationship on the best possible terms, so we keep you in the loop with what’s going on at every stage of the process, taking into account your ideas and following any compliance regulations that might be in place with your business.

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