Use your leads to maximum effect

Newsletters and blogs are a fantastic avenue for putting your brand “out there” and generating new business, but they’re only effective if they’re getting the right exposure.

It doesn’t matter how good the copy is, how well designed the pages are or how much you spend on it; if it’s not getting in front of enough of the right people, it’s a wasted opportunity for your business.

Our approach to bringing your proposition to the fore is simple: we target the people you want to see it, and we show it to them.


Built for sharing

We examine your target audience and build a data brief to match it. During the process of fulfilling the data brief, we write personalised email copy to engage with the type of prospect you want to work with.

By approaching the right prospect directly, we’re able to put your content in front of the most relevant people to your business.

Our proven email marketing method places your content in front of the right people as regularly as you want us to, be it monthly, quarterly, annually or whatever your business requires.

Copywriting, design, artwork and HTML coding

If your content isn’t ready, our experienced in-house team offers a range of options to help shape it for you.

Our vastly experienced team of copywriters can provide you with tailored copy based on your own resources, or develop fresh ideas to engage your audience.

To complement the crystal clear copy for your campaign, we also offer design services and artwork that will enhance the messaging, and we can even help with branding for new businesses or established businesses looking to freshen up their brand image.

Bringing all of the creative elements together is our experienced development team, who can create modern, responsive newsletters that look great and work perfectly across all devices.

Find out more about how Industry can help you build your business through your newsletter and stay front of mind. Call us on 01635 884 808.


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