I already use online advertising. How is this different?

Many of our clients already have online advertising campaigns set up, helping to generate traffic to their website for key terms and phrases.

Where Industry differs is that we use these tools tactically to offer coordinated and highly effective campaigns.

Instead of simply driving traffic, we engage with prospects using the same tactic as our email marketing campaigns. By focussing on a business challenge we can drive prospects to one clear call to action in order to generate leads.

This combination of precise ad targeting, compelling copy and a clear, measurable call to action is what makes Industry’s online advertising different.

This low cost, multi-channel approach helps get your brand or product in front of the right people via a channel that’s comfortable for them.

It’s not just PPC…

LinkedIn has become a key channel for businesses wanting to reach a B2B audience.

Adverts on LinkedIn can be highly targeted, allowing you to whittle down LinkedIn’s 450 million members to prospects that meet your specific criteria in terms of company size, industry, job title, education, skills, gender, age to name but a few.

We dovetail effective messaging and a clear call to action into this highly targeted approach to generate your business leads.

Re-market to relevant prospects

Banner advertising helps bring back the prospects that have visited your website – whether it’s from email, organic traffic, PPC or LinkedIn – time after time, keeping your brand front of mind, strengthening brand awareness as well as displaying the right message to the right people.

This process provides warm leads with relevant information, ensuring that you can get the most out of your marketing spend.

Results you can measure

Our team work on your account almost daily, looking for opportunities and areas of improvement. This includes continual keyword research, keeping up-to-date with changes, and split-testing different messages to improve campaign performance.

This helps you keep track of the results with total precision and complete clarity of reporting, all of which is prepared in a clear and easy to understand format.

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