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Industry is still defying the conventional approach to provide clients like Lexmark, CA, VMWare and Equinix with original campaigns that produce real ROI, in contrast to traditional marketing methods.

We work with organisations like these to create commercially shrewd, highly creative and distinctly different marketing strategies for client acquisition, events and more.

Our techniques are still delivering results way in excess of the norm. In fact, as the marketing landscape becomes increasingly complex and splintered, our results get better and better. Maybe we are onto something….

During the workshops, we cover topics relevant to you and your company, including:

  • Why use email for lead generation?
  • What exactly does Industry do for your email campaign?
  • Why publish an online magazine?
  • The five-stage email process

To enquire about a marketing workshop with Industry, fill in the contact form on this page or phone 01635 884 808.


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