I Love the Public Sector

Recently we’ve run a number of campaigns targeting the public sector. And, excuse the pun, a lot of these campaigns start out as hospital passes. Quite often our client has tried these campaigns internally or with other agencies and have got very little traction. But…

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Lead generation: this time it’s personal

Sometimes it’s easy to get blasé about lead generation. Without sounding too arrogant, it’s all a little bit easy. We take a brief. We deliver the campaign. We generate leads. Simple. Some of those campaigns generate sales pipelines that run into the millions. But every…

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Why I hate social media marketing and the reason it doesn’t work

The web seems to be full of articles of hints, tips and tricks on how to get your message re-tweeted, your posts liked on Facebook and ways to win business on LinkedIn. But in the world of B2B marketing does any of it consistently generate…

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