Convertible leads

A lot of our clients approach us wanting to solve the same problem; they want leads that will turn into appointments and then into sales. While it is straightforward to generate leads, getting in front of these leads can prove somewhat of a challenge.

At Industry we have helped MuleSoft, Morgan Lovell, CA Technologies and Sainsbury’s generate 1-2-1 appointments in the past few months. Each one of these campaigns has performed well and generated a number of high value opportunities.

So how do we achieve this?

By using a 2-phased approach we are able to generate these high value opportunities at a low cost and at speed.

Phase 1

We start by running some lead generation activity using a highly personalised, plain text 1-2-1 email. Prospects are encouraged to reply back in to receive further information relating to a relevant business issue.

Phase 2

We then go back out to all the people who requested further information with the offer of setting up an appointment. Prospects are able to click through to a pre-populated landing page with a downloadable agenda. The prospect then simply has to check their details are correct and sign up.

At this point we hand the appointment requests over to the client, who simply has to phone up the prospects who submitted their details and arrange suitable times for the appointments. Prospects who requested further information but did not register for an appointment can also be nurtured on an on-going basis.

So, if you would like more face to face appointments why not get in touch