Does your agency just say the same thing as everyone else?

It’s long been our opinion that a lot of agencies are simply saying the same thing as everyone else out there. This has been confirmed in a recent survey by Man Bites Dog that states 75% of thought leadership content is unoriginal (to read the full article in B2B Marketing click here).

How depressing.

Working in a creative industry it’s scandalous that ‘the idea’ seems to be dead and everyone is trying to repurpose the same, tired thinking.

To quote the above article, ‘thought leadership’ really has become ‘thought followship’.

If agencies are unable to create new ideas for themselves it seems inevitable that client campaigns will start to suffer, and everything will eventually start sounding the same.

And with everything sounding the same nothing stands out from the noise.

At Industry we are proud to be doing things our own way.

Our unique take on the top B2B lead generation channels are helping clients like Jive, Logi Analytics and M&S generate better returns from their marketing spend than ever before by standing out from the crowd and doing things just a little bit differently.

If you’ve noticed that the ideas you’re being presented are all starting to sound the same, or your key campaign metrics are slowly getting worse then drop me a line at and we’ll see if we can help you with some original thinking.