Full House!

Event Recruitment Made Easy

The most important part of organising any event, be it a red-carpet soiree or a webinar, is making sure people turn up. Without guests or delegates, an event is merely something that was.

Over the years, Industry has recruited guests and delegates for all sorts of events, in all sorts of places, for all sorts of clients, and they’re always well attended.

For us, events are the same as any other campaign, and require the same approach to making sure that the right message is received by the right person at the right time.

The case in hand

A couple of weeks ago, a long-term client called to tell me he was running a webinar on a certain piece of software that would interest a specific audience within a particular sector. He wanted Industry to take on the job of recruitment for the webinar, because we’ve been successful for him in this area before.

The details were simple enough; our client was looking for 20 delegates from senior IT roles in the public sector to attend.

The campaign

Email invitation copy was tailored specifically for senior IT people in the public sector; built on the requirement for reliability and compliance therein. Targeted data was sourced from the most appropriate of our data providers and, once everything was signed off, we got the ball rolling.

After only one phase of activity, we’re already well over the halfway mark, with two further phases to go before the event itself.

The client is delighted and has just dropped me a line to let me know they want us to recruit for another webinar.

If it ain’t broke and all that!