Help! I need to generate new leads

In the last few months, we have been running a series of complimentary lead and appointment setting workshops.

In the sessions, we distilled all the key learnings we have gained as a result of working with leading brands like Vodafone, IBM, Iron Mountain, CA and M&S over the last 20 years, helping brands to improve their lead generation and appointment setting skills.

We found that across industries and different sizes of organisations the challenges remain broadly the same. Issues like:

  • Unsure which channel(s) to use
  • Difficulty measuring and demonstrating ROI
  • Unclear on how to best manage the lead generation and appointment setting process
  • Challenges developing appropriate content
  • Poor data to use in a lead generation campaign

And these findings have been supported by the latest research by B2B Marketing (to read the key findings from the ‘Lead Generation and Nurturing Benchmarking Report’ click here).

Making small improvements in these areas can have a dramatic effect. When compared to a baseline of cold calling results we have helped our clients:

  • Increase the number of decision maker conversations by nearly 30%
  • Improve conversion rates by 60%
  • Reduce the cost-per-appointment by nearly 40%

If your business is looking at ways to improve your lead generation and appointment setting, simply drop me a line at to arrange a complimentary workshop.