I Love the Public Sector

Recently we’ve run a number of campaigns targeting the public sector. And, excuse the pun, a lot of these campaigns start out as hospital passes. Quite often our client has tried these campaigns internally or with other agencies and have got very little traction.

But we love them!

Over the last couple of months we have run campaigns on behalf of Sainsbury’s, McAvoy Group, RingCentral, Equinix and MuleSoft in the public sector. And each one has performed well.

So, what are we doing right?

A good campaign usually works because of three key elements: the right data; the right channel; and the right message.

The right data

Over 5 million people work in the public sector, so there’s a lot of data out there. Depending on who your target audience is. The key is working with reputable data brokers who can help steer you in the right direction and provide compliant data.

The right channel

In our experience, email works well in the public sector. But there are some tips and tricks that can help improve results.

Here’s what we recommend to our clients:

  • Avoid HTML where possible. It often gets stuck in SPAM filters
  • Encourage replies as firewalls often block links in emails to external sources, so offering to make information available via return email can help generate responses

The right message

Each campaign is different, so to pick out a couple of key tips is tricky. We’d advise our clients to keep things simple, and to focus on a business challenge you can help resolve. But in a cold email make sure your proposition is consultative, not sales-led.

So, if you have a public sector campaign that’s not getting the results you’re hoping for why not drop us a line?