Is cold-calling dead?

In today’s climate, where budgets are scrutinised and ROI is more important than ever before, having agents sat on the phone methodically ploughing through call lists makes little or no sense.

It’s expensive. It’s slow. It’s a major drain on your marketing budget. And you’re probably winding your customers up too.

What’s needed is a way to highlight which contacts have the greatest propensity to buy.

Now for the interesting bit…

Our methodology helps you deliver nearly 30% more decision maker conversations, 60% higher conversion rates, and nearly 40% saving on the cost-per-appointment when compared to cold-calling alone.

Over the course of our blog, we’ll explain what we do, give examples of who we do it for and explain why it works as well as our thoughts on the world of B2B marketing.

We hope you enjoy the ride.

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