Keeping the message fresh: why it’s important

Industry has been working with Cranfield University for many years generating registrations for their executive education taster events which are a key sales channel for their courses. If too few people turn up to the events, then their targets for course sign ups tend to be missed.

We email prospects. They sign up to attend the event. Simple.

But when you are promoting the same set of events, with the same agenda to the same audience, the message can get tired easily, especially when you are promoting these same events three or four times a year.

If a prospect doesn’t want to attend one event, why would they want to attend the same event six months later if the key ideas in your invitation are the same?

So how do you keep the message fresh each time without misleading the prospect, ensuring you don’t overcomplicate the proposition or give too much away about the content so people still turn up?

Keeping the message fresh is important to us at Industry. When we start promoting a new set of events we look at the agenda, relevant assets and the goings on in the wider economy. We bring these ideas together to form a hook and craft a fresh message. We are also tactical in our approach to personalisation ensuring prospects are invited to the event closest to them.

This approach is working – in the past 12 months we have generated over 1200 registrations on behalf of Cranfield. Maybe we are on to something…