Lead generation: this time it’s personal

Sometimes it’s easy to get blasé about lead generation. Without sounding too arrogant, it’s all a little bit easy.

We take a brief. We deliver the campaign. We generate leads. Simple.

Some of those campaigns generate sales pipelines that run into the millions. But every once in a while that confidence is put to the test: this week we’ve delivered a lead generation campaign for my little brother.

Imagine if it went wrong! What would my mum say?!

Lewis works for a start-up. They had spoken to ‘all the people they know’ and now needed to cast their net further afield.

Lewis was typical of a lot of our customers. He knew what he offered, the headaches he helped solve, and who he wanted to target.

But when it came to distilling that down into an email, he was too close to it.

The message got lost and lacked impact. And researching companies, identifying the appropriate contact, finding their email address and then actually trying to prospect them was slow, hard work.

We helped Lewis in three ways:

  • Sourcing a dataset of 3,500 contacts that matched his ideal client spec to email as part of a campaign
  • Creating a short, compelling email around a business issue / challenge that Lewis could help resolve, with a clear call to action
  • Scaling up the process by delivering the campaign via our email platform

The campaign went live last week. And would you believe it, the first reply that came in asked for a meeting. If only all campaigns started that well!

All told, we generated over 100 leads for Lewis to follow up. Another (potentially) multi-million-pound sales pipeline. And my mum is pleased too.