Case Study: Equinix

Equinix is the world’s largest International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre and colocation provider.

The Challenge:

With London Technology Week and Equinix promoting the event and taking care of delegate recruitment, Industry’s role was to make it happen.

As briefed by Equinix, Industry project managed the vast majority of the event, beginning with scouting suitable venues across London and concluding with contributions to and co-management of the post event website.

Venue scouting, hire, set up and management
Industry conducted visited venues throughout London in the early stages of the campaign. The venues chosen were picked out because of their relevance to the event, as well as their location, the flexibility of their team and the value of their proposition. In the end CodeNode won through because of their leaning toward advanced interconnection ethos, which was a perfect fit for the event itself.

Event management and co-management of Equinix’s event microsite
As well as helping to build the event agenda, Industry worked with Equinix to build a microsite that delivered on all fronts, detailing the agenda, a list of speakers with images and brief biographies, and a host of other information relevant to the event.

State of the art guest registration and interaction system (POKEN™)
Knowing the theme of the event, Industry sought out POKEN, a company that provides technologies to make events more interactive and encourage people to network. Each delegate received a small contact device that, once registered, can be touched against another delegate’s device to exchange details electronically. To keep their stands clear of clutter, the partners also used the POKEN™ system to provide collateral electronically, rather than by hard copy. The system also allowed for fast registration for guests arriving at the event.

Venue and partner stand branding design and fabrication
Using our extensive knowledge of Equinix’s stringent brand guidelines, Industry arranged branding materials for the entire venue. This included signage that covered walls, podium branding, partner stand branding, roller banners and bollard covers for the street outside the venue.

Branded giveaways and prizes
Industry helped make the day a little more memorable with some interesting branded prizes and giveaways, along with branded confectionary treats placed around the venue.

Event catering
Throughout the day, first class food was served in the breakout area of CodeNode. Industry sourced local caterers who offered a range of quality foods that catered for all tastes, and special care was taken to provide dishes for those with allergies.

Onsite support on the day of the event
Throughout the day, a team from Industry was onsite to ensure that everything went as planned. We provided support and assistance, where required, from working on the registration desk to helping the photographers and videographers get their shots and footage.

Audio/visual presentation and recording set up
With talks from 13 speakers over the course of the day, Industry helped to organise a catalogue of digital content, working with the onsite audio visual team to make sure that all presentations and talks were delivered with the correct content. We assisted the AV teams with scheduling and ensured that the right footage was captured throughout the day.

Post event website and video highlights management
To make sure that highlights of the day were captured, Industry sourced a professional event photographer and a professional videographer. Industry worked with the Equinix team that built the event microsite and edited highlights, presentations and images were used to form the basis of the post event microsite.

The Results:

Organising this event was a significant undertaking, with so many things to be considered, and it was a huge success, with praise heaped on all involved in the organisation by the guests, partners and the Equinix management team alike.

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