Case Study: M&S for business

M&S for business assist brands running loyalty campaigns. Their team provide brands with M&S gift cards and vouchers and advice to help businesses running customer retention and customer acquisition campaigns.

The Challenge:

M&S for business wanted a way of identifying decision makers within leading UK brands, engage with them, and set up qualified appointments to discuss the M&S for business offering.

The aim of the campaign was to receive direct replies by offering a complimentary insight guide into how the service works.

The Campaign:

Using New Business Plus lead generation, Industry ran a pilot appointment generation campaign, targeting brands with high levels of advertising spend.

With information provided by M&S for business, we create a PDF insight guide to be used as a supporting asset for the email campaign. Different phases of the emails encouraged prospects to reply or download a copy of the guide.

For the emails, we combined our unique method of personalisation and a one-to-one style to create an authentic and appealing message that cut through the noise of people’s inboxes and elicited a high response rate.

The Results:

The email activity produced several hundred warm leads. From these we gleaned in excess of 40 appointments for the sales team at M&S for business to attend, creating a pipeline in excess of £2m.

Antheaus Parcero at M&S for business said: “Industry has helped us deliver multiple lead generation campaigns and continues to deliver high quality leads and appointments.”

We are now working with M&S for business on an on-going basis.

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