Case Study: RSM Partners

RSM Partners is a global provider of mainframe services, software and expertise for IBM z systems, with a reputation for being flexible, reliable and agile.

Despite strong recent growth, RSM Partners were keen to build a sales pipeline within a restricted market, and having failed to get traction through other channels, they decided to use Industry’s direct approach for a new campaign around compliance.

The Challenge:

The client wanted to promote a piece of proprietary software that can scan mainframe environments to identify vulnerabilities and could also be used to locate and secure sensitive data.

As the campaign was targeted at only 300 contacts within 120 businesses, we had to make sure that the message was highly focused and relevant.

In addition to lead generation email activity, Industry were also asked to follow up leads beyond the initial enquiry, which were then delivered to RSM as highly qualified sales meetings, efficiently overcoming the lack of internal capacity for this task.

The Campaign:

One of the key benefits of these pieces of software was that they ensured compliance with legislation including the Sarbanes-Oxley act, PCI Requirement 11.3, NIST 800-53 and GDPR. This was identified as a strong hook to encourage action from the recipients of the emails.

Using compliance as the backbone of the messaging, Industry ran an email campaign over two phases, inviting prospects to take up a free consultation with the client.

The emails were plain text, highly personalised, relevant and with the appearance of having been individually written. Most importantly the tone of the emails made them read as if they weren’t a piece of marketing.

Along with the two plain text emails, we created an asset that outlined the contents of the consultations and the benefits of attending, as well as providing the means for prospects to get in touch and register their interest.

Each response to the campaign was handled individually, and all communication was followed up with a relevant reply and further information to prepare prospects for engagement via phone shortly afterwards.

The Results:

Our uniquely personalised style worked perfectly for this campaign, as with a very small audience we had to make sure every email counted. An outstanding 86% open ensured that the message was received widely among the contacts that it was sent to.

The supply of pre-qualified leads was a welcome departure from the existing pipeline that RSM had been able to build through other channels, and helped to generate significant amounts of new business.

From a universe of just 120 businesses we generated 36 leads from the email activity. These leads were then fed into the lead nurturing and appointment setting team who created 8 high value, high interest field appointments.

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