Case Study: Silverstring

Silverstring is a leading IBM partner and managed service provider.

Silverstring’s flagship product – Predatar – provides additional service management and analytics capability for the IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM) software, helping users to significantly reduce cost.

The Challenge:

Silverstring wanted Industry to source data of IBM Spectrum Protect users in the USA to offer a free trial of Predatar Lite – a scaled down version of the Predatar software.

Silverstring wanted to target both the end users – the data backup and protection techies – as well as those with management and budgetary responsibility in the campaign.

The Campaign:

Working with our network of list owners, Industry was able to source a list of relevant job titles within companies who deploy IBM Spectrum Protect to use in the campaign.

A personalised, 1-2-1 email was sent to these prospects asking them if they would like to review the latest range of cloud-based backup and data protection options that could lead to significant savings on their service costs.

All they had to do was reply to receive further information.

This email was supported by a PDF guide. The guide introduced Predatar, gave an overview of Predatar Lite and its benefits and offered the reader a free trial of the software if appropriate.

This personalised, soft approach helped ensure a strong response rate from a notoriously difficult to reach and sceptical audience.

The Results:

The campaign generated over 50 positive replies with prospects either asking to set up a free trial of Predatar Lite, requesting further information on the trial or referring the details of the trial on to a colleague.

The campaign created a sales pipeline of $1.2 million.

Chloe Craughan, Global Marketing Manager at Silverstring said ‘Industry worked with us to create a campaign to end users in the US, a market we had had very little dealing with before.

We had tried unsuccessfully to reach this audience previously, and as such were very dubious about the campaign. Industry managed the campaign from start to finish, and even acquired invaluable data for us that now forms the basis for all of our campaigns in the US. The result was such a successful campaign that we have replicated it twice.’

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