Sales vs Marketing: who owns lead generation?

Although it may sound obvious, have you ever stopped to think who should own the lead generation activity in your company?

Our experience, supported by the latest research into B2B lead generation and nurturing, suggests that over 50% of businesses have no formal process in place.

To establish who should do what, let’s break down the key steps involved:


Marketing creates and delivers content, this generates inbound leads, which sales then close.


But not all leads generated are sales ready. In fact, research suggests between 45% and 75% of leads aren’t sales ready.

Who handles these?

Marketing doesn’t want to – it’s a lead.

Sales don’t want to – they have sales ready opportunities to focus on and quotas to fill. Leads that aren’t ready to drop are a distraction.

Inevitably, these opportunities fall through the gaps. More worryingly, 50% to 75% of your marketing spend falls with it.

We help businesses improve the ROI of their lead generation activity by putting into place effective processes to help nurture the non-sales ready leads as well as fast-tracking the sales ready opportunities.

If you’d like any advice on how to improve your ROI by working more of your leads email me at