Spam, spam, spam and more spam…

One of the risks of working in email marketing is being bundled in with a host of unscrupulous, speculative prospectors who target nobody in particular with a message of no interest or relevance to anyone.

We are, of course, talking about spammers.

One of our directors regularly bursts into giggles at an email she has received for Viagra type products, male patent baldness cures and a whole range of other inappropriate offers that end up being dumped in the trash.

It seems unlikely that the originators for these scattergun campaigns are operating in a legitimate capacity, presumably with zero accountability and with no real thought to what they want to achieve. It’s clear that little thought has been given to the content and there’s obviously no thought at all to the targeting of the data used (though it’s hard to believe that they’ve obtained their data through means that would require anything as specific as a data brief).

When it comes to generating leads for our own business, we make it clear from the start that we offer a genuine route to sales ready leads, based on the right information and the right approach.

We do this by sourcing specifically targeted data; the right size and type of business, the right business area and, most importantly, the right person. We do this by making sure the emails we create are written to be of interest and use to their recipient. We do this by relying on decades of experience in email marketing, delivering great results for grateful clients.

So when you want to get your message out to a hand-picked, receptive, interested audience, please do think of us. When you get an email offering you wildly inappropriate medication, please don’t.