The Hollywood Effect: Events – Private Premieres!

Getting 100 plus prospects in the same room isn’t easy, even if you have something their business might benefit from, or have a necessity for.

It could be that your latest proposal is of interest, and maybe it would be good for the prospects to have a look at what you’re offering, but getting them to commit to come and listen to you talk about it is a different matter. Sometimes a nice meal and a couple of branded goodies just aren’t enough incentive for C-level professionals to give up their time and listen to what will, effectively, be the beginning of a sales pitch.

One of the techniques we use at Industry to drive event attendance is to appeal to individuals at a more personal level, using media driven ideas and exploiting the buzz around films and events to create messages that resonate with the target audience.

We capitalised on the nostalgic buzz surrounding the new Star Wars films when they started to reappear in December 2016, reasoning that large numbers of the prospects being targeted would be among the huge numbers for whom the Star Wars franchise has been a lifelong favourite. Hosting a Star Wars themed evening, complete with a complimentary private premiere of the new film, seemed an obvious way to make the most of the opportunity.

The client was enthusiastic when we presented our proposal and was quick to sign off on the idea, and they weren’t disappointed with the result.

We looked at theatres for the premiere that would be open to us presenting a themed evening, and, once we had a shortlist of suitable venues, set about finding restaurants or bars nearby where prospects could get together for post movie conversation and a little networking. We also managed to source characters with costumes from the new film that weren’t available anywhere else in the country at the time.

The client was enthusiastic when we presented our proposal and was quick to sign off on the idea, and they weren’t disappointed with the result! On the day of the premiere, we hosted a packed out private screening of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, treating those who attended to a food and drinks reception at the nearby Planet Hollywood after the film.

Before the film started, the client client delivered a brief message on their latest offerings to a receptive audience, and was on hand to talk to the prospects at a more intimate level at the Planet Hollywood reception afterwards.

In the midst of the party, while partners and prospects alike were queuing to have their photos taken with First Order Stormtroopers and Chewbacca, conversations were started that are still going on today.

Needless to say we’ll be running the same event for the same client this year.

Obviously, Star Wars won’t run forever and the movies only come round once a year while they do, but with the rise of franchises like Marvel and DC Comics, marketers looking into short, one off events with strong attendance, hosting premieres and Hollywood themed evenings could be exactly what you need to fill a room with the right people. Well worth a punt.