Translating Success: Campaigns that work all around the world

One of our clients is a multinational provider of professional services. They’re up and coming in their field and they’ve worked hard to grow their reputation in an area where the established “Big 4” have dominated for decades.

When they originally came to us last year, we talked about raising their profile in a specific region.

We recommended an email lead generation campaign, suggesting that they offer a simple breakdown of what they offered to help companies trading across multiple jurisdictions stay on top of their fiduciary and compliance responsibilities.

When the client agreed, they decided to run a campaign that would target senior contacts within multinational organisations headquartered in Sweden.

The initial campaign performed well, delivering a wide range of interested responses from a relatively small data set. The client was, of course, delighted.

We knew that the client wanted to grow further still, so we made the recommendation that the campaign would run just as well, if not better, in other territories. We agreed to talk again further down the line, when more was understood about the results we’d generated in Sweden.

Once the dust had settled and the client had had the opportunity to work through the leads we’d provided, we talked again.

The client is broadening their reach even as we speak, and, when we caught up, there were three areas they felt we could successfully run the same campaign; Finland, the USA and here in the UK.

With minor tweaks to the original information, the campaign was ready to be tested across these new areas fairly quickly. We translated the emails, acquired new data, and we were good to go.

Kicking off our new activity in the USA, with the UK and Finland campaigns starting together a fortnight later, the campaigns delivered again, with the right people getting the right message across the board. All of this proved the efficacy of the campaign regardless of language and location.

The leads for these campaigns are still being followed up in all three territories, but early signs are good; meetings have already been arranged.

We know that our method of generating leads will translate to any territory, in any language, and in the next few months, we’ll have the opportunity to prove this again.