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Marketing automation? Don’t make me laugh!

Marketing automation. It’s one of those ideas that I disagree with on every level. As with any trend in marketing, automation has become seen as something necessary simply because it’s there and everyone else is doing it, or at least they’re trying to. But once…

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Is cold-calling dead?

In today’s climate, where budgets are scrutinised and ROI is more important than ever before, having agents sat on the phone methodically ploughing through call lists makes little or no sense. It’s expensive. It’s slow. It’s a major drain on your marketing budget. And you’re…

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Help! I need to generate new leads

In the last few months, we have been running a series of complimentary lead and appointment setting workshops. In the sessions, we distilled all the key learnings we have gained as a result of working with leading brands like Vodafone, IBM, Iron Mountain, CA and…

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